February 2

Psychic Gaussian Transmodulator

From the travel journal of Alexander van Helsing:

“A few weeks ago, I received a curious letter from Bishop Waffelaert.  With the enthusiastic support of King Leopold II, the church of Sint-Petrus-en-Pauluskerk (Saint Peter and Paul) was to be built on the ashes of the previous church, destroyed so long ago.  Construction in Ostend has been underway for several months at this point, and the Bishop was present to oversee all spiritual matters there.  There have been increasing problems, however, since the clearing of the site; men attacked, supplies destroyed, and beasts running mad.

On arrival with my girls, we determined quickly that it was no human agent.  Careful investigation revealed that it was a possessing and restless poltergeist, agitated by the construction.  While it preferred to animate stone figures, notably the gargoyles – a clue in itself that it choose the ugly guardians of the fallen building – the spirit would influence or even leap for a time to men about it.  I nearly had my skull crushed by a mason, crazed and wielding a chisel.  Bella’s sword, thank God, is swifter even than madness’ blow, demonstrating again why I have come so to rely on the girls.  Why they remain with me is still something of a mystery.

Psychic Gaussian TransmodulatorThe cause was now discerned; treatment, however, called to speak to the roused spirit.  How, though, to do that while not succumbing to its influence?  The Eastern mystics claim a remarkable focus of spirit, aided in part by the use of certain stones and the influence of tones, even to the point that they may then project their spirit great distances.  This brought a spark of inspiration to me – might that same focus be disruptive instead of beneficial, if the influence on it were energetic and at no discernable pattern?  With this in mind, and a galvanic source replacing the tonal to provide energy, I believe I have constructed a modulating source of mental energy, broad and random in its emission.  The emissions should muffle or disrupt attempts to influence mind or body with mental or spiritual energies.  It would be as if someone were ordering you while you stood near a waterfall – the words would fade, their meaning and power lost to the roar.

Initial tests were successful, though the head ache caused by their use is notable.  Dr. Seward’s plea for aid reached us before our first field test, but I am fair confident that our return will find the Transmodulators quite operational.”


This was a simple bit of Steampunk decoration – a flicker LED illuminating a bit of quartz with some coils, beads, and baubles attached.

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