January 9

Weather Station: Entry 00

The plan is to build a weather station.  Not the most original or groundbreaking of projects, but it will be useful, complex, have some documentation as guidance, and introduce technologies that can expand to some … loftier goals**.

To that end, the idea is to start small and build out.  Coming from an EE with limited coding exposure (BASIC, Pascal, and C; oh my!) this will work with hardware module integration and utilization more than nuts-and-FETs designs.

So, parameters:

Ultimately, this weather station should be wireless, free standing, self-sustaining (power handling, data handling, self-health reporting), have archived data, calibrated/calibrate-able, able to share data locally and (safely) with the world, make predictions, report the “now” conditions, and have a host of datapoints, such as barometric, temperature, sunlight, haze, air particulates, ozone, radiation, magnetic, geologic, UV, humidity, windspeed and direction, rain/precipitation, and any others I can think of.

That’s quite a bit.

The journey of a thousand kilometers, however, begins with a single step***.

So, first identify the technologies to be used.  Then roadmap a progression to demonstrate technologies; ending at a system built with expandability in mind that demonstrates one part of the ultimate vision.

That is the subject of the next post: breaking down the Grand Vision



** Such as archiving, IOT-house monitoring and control, working with datasets and serving them reasonably, integrating sensors in a system, taking over the world, home resource monitoring, green techs, etc.

*** followed by a bizzion more.  or maybe just a few more, then a tiny seat in boarding group C, an in-flight movie, and you’re there.

Free to use license (unless otherwise noted). Attribution / linkback always appreciated.

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