January 20

Weather Station: Entry 01

So, to recap: embarking on a project of a complex yet easy to use weather station.

To start: identifying technologies and a roadmap.

The ultimate goal is a stand-alone device.  Let us further narrow this by stating that it should be assumed to be close to a base of operations (more normal folk might call this a “home”).  WiFi seems like a great excuse to segue into using an ESP8266-based solution.  Why ESP8266?  I know that chip (and related modules and similar devices) is WiFi capable, widespread, cheap, well-supported, and in the Arduino framework – Arduino being another goal, as it allows rapid lash-ups, prototypes, development, and other hobby+ fun.  Looking into ESP8266 a bit, it does indeed allow connection to Wifi, and certain modules break it out even beyond the sort of command/serial transmit/serial receive to take advantage of the microcontroller behind it all.
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January 9

Weather Station: Entry 00

The plan is to build a weather station.  Not the most original or groundbreaking of projects, but it will be useful, complex, have some documentation as guidance, and introduce technologies that can expand to some … loftier goals**.

To that end, the idea is to start small and build out.  Coming from an EE with limited coding exposure (BASIC, Pascal, and C; oh my!) this will work with hardware module integration and utilization more than nuts-and-FETs designs.

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